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New London Ring, Leaning Tower of Pisa Ring & French Kiss Rings by Tournaire.

This is my third post on the Dream House Rings (Villa de Reve) and Bijoux Architecture collection by jeweller Philippe Tournaire. I simply can't get enough of these remarkable examples of craftsmanship and jewelry design. Since my last post, he has added the following London Ring and Leaning Tower of Pisa Ring to his impressive collection of rings that feature the architecture of cities all over the world.

A new pure Platinum and Diamond Cité Carée ring:

Like all of the architectural and custom rings by Phillipe Tournaire, they are available in various combinations of yellow, rose, white gold or platinum. Fine cut or cabochon gemstones are available to set in any of the designs.

Also new is the French Kiss collection.

above: The French Kiss ring in platinum, set with a diamond solitaire

The jeweler has for always been fascinated by the buildings and other architecture, he is also inevitably captivated by the Eiffel Tower which is this tall and powerful Iron Lady proud up on her steel heels. Always curious, Philippe Tournaire has turned it inside out to observe her better. Then he sets precious gemstones in between the 4 square shaped corners of an upside down Eiffel Tour.

above: Eiffel tower rightside up and upside down.

French Kiss XXL ring, Amethyst and Diamonds in rose gold:

French Kiss XL ring, Blue Topaz in white gold:

French Kiss XL ring, Amethyst in yellow gold:

French Kiss ring, Garnet in rose gold:

French Kiss rings come in yellow, pink or white gold ring and platinum upon request. From 1190 euros.

Philippe Tournaire also has an architecturally inspired watch collection:

Most of these rings can be special ordered directly from Tournaire.
Contact info:
Email :
8,rue Tupinerie - 42600 MONTBRISON (Siège) - Tél. 04 77 96 08 84
103, rue Edouard Herriot - 69002 LYON - Tél. 04 78 92 93 94
7, Place Vendôme - 75001 PARIS - Tél. 01 40 20 00 19

Learn all about the Dream House Rings here

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