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Do you Know the Muffin Man? Matteo Bianchi Introduces Muffin Pouffes. Sweet Seats & Storage.

Matteo Biancho, creative director and founder of Daruma Design, an interior design business based in London, has designed a new sweet seat.

The Muffin Pouffe functions as a seat, an ottoman and/or hidden storage. Made with a handcrafted wood base and premium Italian leathers and buttons, it's both playful and elegant.

The storage base is lined with a leather sleeve:

Available with or without concealed storage, it has unlimited options in finishing or colors which means you can 'bake' your own.

wood base and colored leather combinations:

Standard model starts at £799 and Storage model at £1,299
To order your Muffin Pouffe, contact Matteo Bianchi

Jellio Cupcake Seat -
A similar idea, but in funkier colors and materials, is the Cupcake Seat from Jellio. These have a molded rubber top and colored polyurethane shells:

The cupcake seat will cost you $900 and can be purchased here.

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