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Stylish Stainless Steel Artist Etched Plates For Your New iPhone - Luxe Plates.

Now that we know the new iPhone 4s is the same size as the previous iPhone 4, you don't have to wait to find a cool case or plate design to protect the world's most popular gadget. That said, I'd like to bring Luxe Plates to your attention.

These are beautifully etched stainless steel self-adhesive plates that fit the back of your iPhone 4 or 4S. They protect the phone without getting in the way of buttons or lens. They also work with other covers (fitting under larger wrap around covers) and they can be removed without residual 'gunk.'

With a varied selection by some of today's contemporary artists, designers and illustrators (Andreas Preis, Erich Ginder, Dan Funderburgh, Jesse LeDoux, Jared Nickerson, Richard Coward, Eight Hour Day, Verity Keniger and Notter & Vigne) you're bound to find something that fits your fancy and your phone. They also have a "Design Your Own" option which is explained further on in this post.

The designs are etched with a special photochemical process and are available as brushed stainless steel with black enamel inlay or as polished steel with the etched design.

Calder by Jesse LeDoux:

PNW by Jesse LeDoux:

Bouffant by Jesse LeDoux:

Plank by Jesse LeDoux:

LeDoux Ville by Jesse LeDoux:

Folium by Erich Ginder:

Creative Outlet by Dan Funderburgh:

Brush n' Stuff by Eight Hour Day :

London by Richard Coward:

Apples and Oranges by Jared Nickerson:

Skull by Notter & Vigne:

You're The Danger by Jared Nickerson:

Oh Deer! by Verity Keniger:

Leo by Andreas Preis:

And for those artists in the house, you can even design your own!

"Our coverplates protect and add character to your iPhone in a minimal manner. The etched stainless steel embraces the form-factor of your iPhone while making it distinctive. Luxe Plates are crafted with precision in Seattle." – Jay Dokken, Co-founder, Luxe Plates

Luxe Plates
310 South Washington Street
Seattle, Washington, USA

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