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Re-engineering Jewish Tradition. The Design Winners of Sukkah City, 2011.

above: one of the ten winning submissions, 60 degree Sukkah by Filip Tejchman of Brooklyn, NY, and Cambridge, MA

Some of my readers may recall a post I wrote last year on Sukkah City, a design competition held in New York that proposed redesigning a Sukkah, a traditional shelter created for the Jewish Festival Of Sukkot.

Building and expanding upon New York’s Sukkah City 2010, Sukkah City STL proposed a re-imagination of the Sukkah, an ancient and temporary structure used by both nomads and harvesters. The jury selected work that defined and defied boundaries using ancient law and the contemporary experience of shelter. The design winners are below.

Emery McClure Architecture, Lafayette, LA - Tené

Act3 (Ben Kaplan), Trivers Architecture and STL Beacon, St. Louis - Storycubes

Sean Corriel, New York - Thru-motion

Lea Oxenhandler and Evan Maxwell Litvin, Philadelphia

Alexander Morley and Jennifer Wong, St. Louis - Exodus

Casey Hughes Architects, Los Angeles - Sukkah Collective

Christine Yogiaman, Forrest Fulton and Ken Tracy, St. Louis - Gleaned

John Kleinschmidt and Andy Sternad, New Orleans - L’Chime Sukkah

Bronwyn Charlton and Linda Levin, St. Louis. - Heliotrope

Learn more about each of the designs here.

WHAT: Sukkah City STL: Defining & Defying Boundaries
WHEN: Oct. 18-22
WHERE: Danforth Campus of Washington University in St. Louis, near the Ann W. Olin Women’s Building
COST: Free and open to the public

The Jewish Feast of the Tabernacle, Sukkot, begins at sundown on Oct. 12, 2011, and ends at nightfall on Oct. 19.

Support for Sukkah City STL is provided by the Charles and Bunny Burson Art Fund at the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts.

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