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Jason Freeny's Sculptures Dissect Icons & Toys From Hello Kitty to Mickey Mouse.

Hello Kitty © Sanrio

In June of 2008, I introduced you to the twisted talents of illustrator Jason Freeny who exposed the insides of such fun items as Balloon Dogs and Gummi Bears. Since then, he's begun crafting 3D sculptures by modifiying existing vinyl toys by fellow artists or creating the sculptures from scratch - partially revealing the insides of advertising icons and well-known characters.

The ultimate compliment, Jason takes a deeper look, literally, at the works of Disney and Pixar characters, Charles Schultz characters, Toy and commercial icons like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, the Pillsbury Dough Boy, Hello Kitty, video game characters, vinyl collectibles like Dunnys, Qees and more. He even exposes vintage Care Bares and Kewpie Dolls.

Dunny ©KidRobot, Mini Qee ©Toy2r

Stay Puft ©Columbia Pictures

Gloomy Bear ©Mori Chack

Character © Berenguer, Poppin' Fresh ©Pillsbury

My Little Pony ©Hasbro

Care Bear ©Kenner

Sackboy ©Media Molecule, Muno ©Nick Jr. ©Wildbrain

Raving Rabbid ©Ubisoft, Jaws Noop ©CoarseToys

Very Hungry Caterpillar ©Eric Carle

Mario ©Nintendo, Kewpie ©Jesco

Toy Story Alien ©Disney Pixar

Nemo ©Disney Pixar

Mickey Mouse ©Disney, Lucy ©Charles Schultz and Exposed ©Ron English

Giving credit to the original designers*, his cutaway sculptures are both compelling and collectible.

You can purchase some of the above original sculptures here.

Jason Freeny, Moist Productions

*sadly and somewhat ridiculously, 20th Century Fox and David Horvath of Ugly Dolls made Mr. Freeny remove his versions of their characters from his site.

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