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A Social Conundrum Gets A Stylish Site and Shop. Check Out The MFK Daily.

You may know it as Marry, Murder, F*ck or Marry, F*ck or Kill. Either way, the addictive game of determining which, from three members of the opposite sex, you'd like to make love, make a lifetime commitment or simply eradicate from earth has been turned into a well-designed and clever online site and shop.

Advertising copywriter Thom Cordner and Art Director Amanda Mourenza pooled their sick sense of humor and their smart sense of style to design The MFK Daily (and the goodies that go with it). An appealing looking, easy to navigate website featuring the MFK game for both male and female players - straight, gay or otherwise - with seemingly endless options.

The clever trios, from which you are to choose, are grouped by everything from such general categories as Athletes and Politicians to as specific as your favorite Irish actors or the same actress in three different roles.

Not only can you play the game, but as soon as you've chosen, you can see where your own tastes lie in comparison with others who play:

Not big on online game playing? Do not fret, they sell well-designed hilarious card versions of the game that also do double duty as flirtational devices when left, boxes checked, at the proper places - or in the proper hands.

MFK Daily Cards:

There are over twenty different 1" x 2.5" cards and more to come.

Not to be outdone by the MFK cards and the website, Thom and Amanda spared no expense - or talent- when it came to desiging a large selection of hip t-shirts and women's panties.

Fabulous MFK T-shirts and underwear.

Colorful neon flocked appliques of the game name or icons are available on various colored shirts for both men and women:

T-shirts in which you can tick off any box or none at all:

And other fun MFK Daily tees in men's or women's styles with lots of color options:

And black or white women's undies:

Start playing now. Or click on the banner below to start shopping.

Thom & Amanda

Thom Cordner and Amanda Mourenza are freelance creatives who combine smart strategic thinking with well-executed work. You can see more of their talents, or book them if they are available, at their websites:

Thom Cordner
Amanda Mourenza

all images used and composited with the express permission of Thom Cordner and Amanda Mourenza.

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