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More Fun Ways To Wipe Your Bum. On A Roll Designer Toilet Paper.

above: On a Roll 'Contaminated Area' toilet paper

It's a trend that is becoming as prevalent as going to the bathroom itself. More and more companies are designing decorative and novelty toilet paper.

By now, most designers and web surfers are familiar with the brands shown above by Renova, Paper & Design and Paper Sensations, but I recently came across On A Roll designs by Worldwide Co.

The designs are a little more clever than just seasonal colors, pattern or butterflies and Santa Claus. And with bright graphics and colorful imagery, they'd make a great gift for just about anyone.

Buy them here

To purchase the other brands shown in this post, you can visit the links below:
Just Toilet Paper
The Designer Toilet Roll Company
Renova Online
or make your own custom toilet paper here

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