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New Sleek Cylindrical Media Speaker Stand MS430 For Sony Ericsson Phones.

The Sony Ericsson Media Speaker Stand MS430 is so small you might just miss it. But don't. The stylized and sleek portable speaker stand is little enough to fit in your pocket, but produces sound big enough to please.

Made of aluminum, the cylindrical MS430 has no cords. No charger. Just put in the three included AAA batteries. Plug your phone into its 3.5mm connector. And let the MS430 entertain you. Watch movies, videos or listen to music anywhere your heart desires.

110.25 x 31.0mm
4.3 x 1.2 inches

Not yet available in the online Sony store, you can buy it from Expansys at the link below:
Buy it here.

To see the list of compatible phones, go here.

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