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Spam E-Mail Wallpaper! Junk Mail Becomes Home Decor With Spamghetto.

You know those god-awful spam advertisements you receive in your inbox promising a greater sex life, a larger penis or wealth beyond your wildest dreams? Well, finally someone has taken those and put them to good design use.

Italy based design studio, ToDo, has brilliantly turned that e-mail spam into purchasable and customizable wallpaper or wall coverings under the name "Spamghetto".

The result is a print-on-demand, “green” FSC-certified, non-woven wall covering has won international recognition with a Silver Award at the 2010 European Design Awards.

The process is just as fascinating as the product itself: ToDo created a generative software that feeds on spam’s enticing claims, creating mesmerizing, subtly offbeat digital patterns in which one striking offer leads to the other in a compelling, unique design.

You can choose between various styles according to your taste, with thin or chunky strands forming different patterns.

If you want a custom version, provide them with your room's dimensions and using their generative software, they can produce a design that wraps and folds around all the objects that sit on the on the wall's surface.

Start designing your wallpaper at Spamghetto

Thanks to Design Taxi for bringing this cool item to my attention!

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