Modern Home In The Texas Hills With Spillover Pool By Cottam Hargrave.

402 Redbud Trail is a modern residence designed by Cottam Hargrave in the wooded hills of Austin, Texas. The project, whose sale was handled by the Kush group, was designed for a family of five with multiple living areas. With few gadgets, the house focuses on permanence and craftsmanship. It is sited to capture the views from the rear of a steep site that is accessed from the bottom.

Ascending the driveway, the observer first sees the underside of the building. This view highlights the relationship between the building and ground. The foundation becomes an integral part of the entry sequence while the pool, lawn, and patio act as integral parts of the house.

text courtesy of Cottam Hargrave, images courtesy of the photographer, the architects and the Kush Group

Location: West Lake Hills, TX
Residential Designers: Jay Hargrave and Michael Waddell, Cottam Hargrave
Interior Designer: Joy Kling, Spazio by Lytle Pressley
Home Builder: Gary Robinson, Home as Art, Inc.

Photos: Paul Bardagjy Photography

Cottam Hargrave
Office Address:
701-A South Lamar
Austin, TX 78704
Phone: 512-225-2400
Fax: 512-225-2401


Dumbwit Tellher said...

I think my heart is in my throat. Now that's what I call Texan living. To live in Austin would be a dream compared to living in Houston. This home has so many great elements down to that amazing pool. Thanks for the thrill Laura, I can always depend on you!

angelo h said...

What a great space. Very relaxing! So nice to live in a place like that.

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