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5 Artists Design Helmets For Pirates Design

Thanks to via freshbump, I discovered this new wonderful line of artist designed helmets named Pirates Design. Olivier Maucorps, a motorcycle enthusiast, decided to start a new line of creative helmets with illustrator FAKIR, who designed one of the helmets as well as the company's logo. They then enlisted four other artists to design the following helmets:

Graphic artist, toy designer and illustrator FAKIR designed the logo as well the FAKIR Helmet:

French sculptor and toy designer Gaël Brienne (aka NANAN1) designed the following helmet:

French graphic design, illustration and toy design studio Grapheart, designed the following helmet:

French Graffiti and street artist Katre, designed the following helmet:

Freelance graphic designer Lady Shove (aka Julie Chauville)

The helmets are being exhibited at Star Motors in Paris from March 25- April 30th and can actually be purchased online.

Shop for the Pirates Design helmets here.

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