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What's Better Than A Book Of Boobs? Why, A 3D Book Of Boobs! Introducing 3DD (NSFW)

3DD by Henry Hargreaves

3DD (3 Double D) is a celebration of womens' breasts in three dimensions. Boob-lover and photographer Henry Hargreaves conceived of and photographed the 86 page book of 3D images of all sorts of breasts, which comes complete with a free pair of 3D glasses.

3DD by Henry Hargreaves

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About the photographer (shown below in a childhood photo):
Henry Hargreaves is a New York based photographer and breast enthusiast. His love of taking photos and the female form started as a young boy in New Zealand and as an adult he has practiced both hobbies in many countries of the world. The opportunity to combine two of his greatest passions was only a matter of time.

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Are you a boob-man or woman? If so, you can also sign up for the 3DD boob a day picture. Give them your email address here and you can see a new pair of 3D breasts daily.

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