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Fun Little Finds For A Fabulous Home. Chic Decor Items You Can Buy Online.

Letter Light Lamps

Letter lights by Brooklyn artist Amy Adams are pendant lights that have initials made of perforations in the 5" diameter shades. Available as hardwired or switch cord lamps. buy a bunch and spell out a word or get your initial for a simple touch.
Buy them here.

Camera Candle and Transistor Radio Candle

Clean burning hand poured beeswax candles shaped like a vintage polaroid camera or transistor radio made great gifts. Nontoxic, non allergenic and slow burning.
Buy them here.

TREET - air freshener stand

Let's face it. Home air fresheners are just plain ugly, so why not have fun with them? the TREET air freshener holder comes in two stules. A urinating dog or a child reading. Made of perspex, they come with a classic kitschy pine tree air freshener.

buy them here.

Pink and Blue Higgins Mobiles

In an exclusive partnership with Jonathan Adler, they are carrying fused enamel glass mobiles by Higgins Studio. Made with strong piano wire the handmade mobiles are signed by the studio.

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