iPhone Icons As Throw Pillows. New iPillows from Craftsquatch.

Need to rest your head someplace fun and comfy? There's an app... er, pillow for that. A ways back I introduced you to the Social Network pillows by Craftsquatch. Now he's done it again with iPhone pillows. The 12" x 12" pillows are 100% handmade with soft fluffy fleece and a firm filling so they won't lose their shape. Each pillow is $19.99 USD

Buy them in his etsy shop here.


Justin Thomas said...

Thanks again Laura! Great post :).


cell phone accessories wholesale said...

Those pillows were really awesome. I will have the time to purchase those. I think they are one of kind pillows. And I think that will be best for a gift.

Anonymous said...

maybe someone should head over to icomfie.com they have been making and selling these "App Pillows" for quite a while!

Missy (from i Gift Blog) said...

Love the pillows. Off to check out the store on Etsy to see what else he has on offer for the iPhone.


C'mon people, it's only a dollar.