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The Dekka Daybed By FurnID; A Synthesis of Danish & Arabic Design.

The Dekka is a beautiful and innovative design created by Bo Strange, Morten Kjær Stivegaard and Sara Vinter Martinsen of FurnID , a Copenhagen based design studio.

FurnID originally created Dekka for entry in a competition announced by Danish Furniture in 2007. The assignment was to create an item of furniture that conveyed the idea of integration, and Dekka symbolises the encounter of two worlds – the Danish and the Arabic. The one world does not dominate the other, but the interplay between the two cultures and traditions gives rise to a fascinating, unique and highly functional work of design.

Danish design and Arabic cultural heritage form a beautiful union with Dekka, a new daybed that has already become a design icon and has been nominated for numerous design awards. Dekka, which means "a seat for more than one person", arose through an encounter of contrasts: Soft and hard, light and dark, ornamentation and minimalism, and of course beauty and function.

above left: Sara Vinter Martinsen and Bo Strange with the Dekka. right: Dekka, detail

“The asymmetrical hexagon can be repeated infinitely, creating a dynamic pattern. The Arab world has always viewed symmetry as divine: the more stringent the symmetry, the closer to God. But Dekka was made for people, not gods, and when it comes to people, nothing is predictable or symmetrical. The asymmetry represents imperfection and human nature,” explains FurnID’s Bo Strange.

The frame is made from 150 kg solid aluminum and the upholstery is handcrafted.

The daybed is available in wool and/or leather in a selection of colors.Below are a few examples.

Dekka, polished aluminum and ivory wool:

Dekka in polished aluminum with black leather:

and in all black:

photos courtesy of FurnID and Fredericia

Additional credits:
Padding work: Heidi Lauritzen,
Photos: Mikkel Mortensen
Model: Anja Beyer
Stylist: Ingeborg Wolf.

The Dekka can be purchased from the manufacturer, Fredericia Furniture of Denmark. They will sell wholesale or retail and have representatives worldwide.

Treldevej 183
7000 Fredericia
Phone +45 7592 3344
Fax +45 7592 3876

about FurnID:

above: designers Bo Strange, Sara Vinter Martinsen and Morten Kjær Stivegaard

FurnID is a design studio consisting of Morten Kjær Stovegaard, Sara Vinther Martinsen and Bo Strange. The three Danish designers work within the fields of furniture and industrial design.

On FurnID's facebook page their credo is as follows :
"FurnID Essntials: We commit ourselves to inviting design. Working with every day objects we find it essential to develop products that are inviting in both shape and function. We believe in cooperation, quality and passion."

It is of great importance to the designers that all their products are friendly in either the form or function and therefore a FurnID product can be described with one word; inviting.

Vesterbrogade 63, 4. tv
Copenhagen, Denmark, 1620
Phone: +45 61700321
Mon - Fri: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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