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Gut Oggau Puts Their Best Face Forward. On Their Wines.

These wine labels caught my eye over on Notcot about a month ago, so I looked into it a little more and wanted to share this unique family winery and their fun branding by Jung Von Matt with you.

Gut Oggau

The market town Oggau, located at Lake Neusiedl in the Austrian province Burgenland, is a wine growing village famous for its quality. Its tradition dates back to the early Romans, who first produced red wine in Austria.

The vineyard Oggau also looks back on a long history and its now operated by Eduard Tscheppe and Stephanie Tscheppe-Eselböck (shown below), who have added a modern touch to the vineyard.

Thanks to the biodynamic winemaking process and the focus on the essential, the Gut Oggau features a tight selection of authentic, typical regional wines. Each of these wines has its own personality and is closely related to the other wine characters. They regard their wines as being distinctive personalities who form a unique wine family.

Which brings me to their wonderful labels, packaging and more created by illustrator Jung Von Matt. Each vintage is attributed to one of the members of the three generation family. Their drawn image, as well as their name, appears on the bottle's label.

The descriptions are personifications of the family members as well:

Meet the family and the family of wines:

It is a fascinating wine dynasty, which is always worth taking a close look at.

more images:

Illustrator Jung Von Matt created this unique branding, see more of his work here.

The wines are sold in Austria and Europe only.

Contact Info:
Address: Hauptstraße 31, A-7063 Oggau
Phone: +43(0) 664 20 69 298
Fax: +43(0) 2685 4 79 48

Visits and tastings at the Gut Oggau, call telephone: +43 (0) 664/2069298

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