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The Tub-E And Tub-T From Wild Terrain Designs.

Australian company Wild Terrain Designs began in 2005 by creating vandal-resistant public bathrooms. In 2008, they branched out into property development creating designs for personal homes along South Australia's coastline and the foothills of Victoria.

Then, in 2009, they launched a line of unusual, whimsical and luxurious bathtubs and showers using unique combinations of metals, marble and glass called Exclusively Yours. The Tub-E and the Tub-T are two unique bathtubs from that luxury line of products.

The Tub-E:

The Electronic Tub-E is a luxury bath tub available in stainless steel or copper, cradled by a swirled staircase in perforated stainless steel. The tub has pinhole LED lights embedded into the perimeter, and a heater built in under the seat.

With one touch programming, it's not only auto fill, auto empty and auto clean, but can also be programmed to add any essential oils during the filling of the tub.

The Tub-T:

The Tub-T is fabricated from highly polished stainless steel with sandblasted glass steps, 16mm thick. Each glass step is lit by a soft glow LED light, and the hand rail is not just functional, but is sculptural as it graces the wall behind the tub. Inside the tub is a bench seat and the water is kept warm by an under bench heater in the cavity of the tub.

Contact or visit Wild Terrain Designs for more information.

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