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Iron Man 2 Movie Tie-Ins & Merchandising From Fragrance To Cars To Cookies.

above: Diesel's limited edition Iron Man fragrance

With Iron Man 2 opening May 7th, the glut of marketing tie-ins and giveaways (purported to cost 100$ including media buys) has already begun to hit the market. In addition to the expected special edition video games, comic books, and action figures, there are fragrances, cookies, motor oil, a special edition Audi r8 and even a limited edition 18ct gold LG mobile phone. Not to mention the numerous microsites created by the retailers. And I've got a look at those and more for you.

Diesel's Limited edition Only The Brave Iron Man fragrance.

Now's your chance to smell like Tony Starck.
Coinciding with the May release of Iron Man 2, Diesel has created a special limited edition of their Only The Brave Cologne, clad in the colors of character Tony Starcks' suit.

The fragrance is touted as a fusion of plant and animal kingdoms. It blends leather, styrax and labdanum. Lemon and violet express urban modernity, underscored by the strength and singularity of cedar and amber. This limited edition comes in a single 75ml format. A vigorous tribute to IRONMAN’s visual universe. See more at Diesel's Fragrance factory

Other Iron Man 2 Movie Tie-ins:

• Audi R8 V10 (see the microsite here)

and the Audi Iron Man 2tv commercial:

•Dr. Pepper (play their online game here)

The Dr. Pepper Iron Man 2 tv commercial:

•Royal Purple Motor Oil (see the microsite here)

LG has an 18ct gold limited edition (only 20) phone. Consumers have the chance to win one of the LG Iron Man 2 phones, worth about $2,000 by visiting their microsite here.

•Burger King is offering the following Iron Man Toys along with more you can see here.

•7-11 is offering Iron Man Big Gulp Cups, Iron Man Straws, a special Iron Man Invincible Orange Slurpee and even Iron Man Cookies:

•Land O'Frost lunch meats is also offering promotional items plus an online game and downloadable coloring book sheets:

•Sony Music is offering a special AC/DC Collector's edition CD/DVD that comes with extra footage, a hardcover book, a poster and stickers:

AC/DC "shoot To Thrill with Iron Man footage:

•Semir is offering Iron Man2 clothing:

•Hershey's Reese's Peanut Butter Cups is offering you chance to win a role in a Marvel movie

•Oracle is offering wallpaper and a microsite

In Iron Man 2, Oracle is a proud sponsor of Stark Expo, a world-class tradeshow that depends on a cloud computing architecture to ensure that all systems are free from overload. And that’s where you come in: by becoming a Master Cloud Operative, you’ll help keep Stark Expo up and running. Complete your training, test your troubleshooting skills, and get certified in the Oracle Pavilion.

Play the game here.

the Oracle commercial:

A look at SEGA'S Iron Man 2 video game and the microsite:

And a discussion with the developer can be found here.

And the microsite, here:

And of course, the 'faux" The 2010 Starck Expo site:

Marvel products, collectibles, clothes, comic books and toys and more from Hasbro are already saturating the market.

The Official Iron Man 2 movie site

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