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Some Toy! Audi's Auto Union Type C Limited Edition Pedal Car

Pedal Car? You mean this is a 'toy'? Damn, there will be some very lucky kids out there.

This strictly limited, (999 units) hand-made edition brings back a racing legend created in a series of ten superb victories in mountain and circuit races in 1936. You'll be captivated by the model's exclusive design, exquisite craftsmanship, select materials and unparalleled attention to detail. Built at a scale of 1:2, this model is already a much sought-after collector's item.

Over 900 individual pieces were exclusively manufactured and assembled to produce this highly unusual collector's car with a chain drive. A robust aluminium tubular frame acts as the cornerstone of this eye-catching design model. The car's body - which is made of aluminium sheets - was exclusively manufactured at the Audi toolmaking division.

above: the original inspiration

The designers of this 1:2 scale model of the Auto Union Type C, of which a limited edition of 999 units are available, thought of everything to ensure maximum driving pleasure for the car's young pilots (up to 135 cm tall, or 53.1" tall) - 7-speed transmission with a back-pedal brake, hand brake lever with a locking function and hydraulic double disc brakes.

Other highlights in this intricately designed pedal car include the detachable oak wood dashboard and a leather covered steering wheel with a quick-release system for getting in and out in a flash.

Dimensions: 2020 x 968 x 624 mm
Part number: 1200700100
Price: £10,000.00 (That's about $15,618.00 USD)

To order: please contact your local Audi dealer. The Type C pedal car usually is delivered within 4 weeks of order.

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