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Jonas Samson's Light Emitting Wallpaper Becomes Ecco Luce.

above: detail from the new Ecco Luce installation in an Amsterdam railway station.

Just over 2 years ago I wrote about Jonas Samson's unusual light emitting wallpaper project.

Since that time, the much blogged-about prototype has evolved into his Ecco Luce, a personal light emitting wall in which there are embedded LED lights.

When off, it appears as a normal wall, yet when turned on, an interplay of dancing and moving lights turns the wall into an art installation.

The lights, which are remote-controlled, can appear through the wall as a pattern, moving or static images, as well as motion-activated. Built of individual panels, the largest measuring 120 x 300, the panels can be combined to create as large an image as desired. The LED lights can be RGB or white.

Below are images (followed by a video) of an Ecco Luce installation at the Sciphol Train station in Amsterdam that just went up April 15th of this year:

And an installation in Milan:


A very interesting way to add kinetic beauty to any environment.

To arrange a meeting or discuss bulk buying investment possibilities, you can reach Jonas at: STUDIO Brailledreef 9 Utrecht The Netherlands POSTAL ADRESS Jonas Samson vof Zuiderveldstraat 33 8501 KA Joure The Netherlands +31 (0)6 - 190 844 45

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