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Plenty Of Pot-Related Posts For 420.

Exactly What 420 Means And Some Hip Ways To Celebrate.

In Honor of 4/20: Luxury Hookahs, Waterpipes, Narghiles & Bongs

Designing Doobies: 4 Firms Take A Whack At Repackaging Pot

Pop Artist Kenny Scharf Bongs? Are You High?

For The 420-Friendly Fashionista; Silk Marijuana Scarves by Peckham Rye

Stoned Eau de Parfum (and scented candle) by Solange Azagury-Partridge:

Created for the acclaimed English jeweler Solange Azagury-Partridge by the renowned perfumer Lynn Harris. Stoned perfume, $285. Candle, $60.00, buy them here

Jonathan Adler's Hashish candle in ceramic marijuana leaf container:

68$, buy it here

Bong Spirit Vodka from Holland

learn about it here.

and finally...

Someone tell Officer Sanchez That You Cannot Overdose On Marijuana

And Happy 420!

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