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More Cool Trompe L'oeil Bedding From Snurk.

above: a portion of the proceeds from Le Clochard and Le Trottoir, the cardboard and pavement photorealistic bedding by Snurk, goes to help the homeless

A ways back, I wrote about some very unique bedding designs by Peggy van Neer and Snurk Bedding, whose proceeds went to support the homeless. The cardboard duvet cover and pillowcases appeared, cleverly, to be made of old cardboard boxes.

Now, they've designed a fun fitted flat sheet, Le Trottoir, that mimics pavement, completing the outdoor trompe l'oeil effect:

Once again, a portion of the proceeds go to help the homeless. Forty percent of the proceeds in the Netherlands are donated to The Foundation for Dutch Homeless Youngsters (SZN). In England, the money goes to Center Point. In Germany the money goes to Off Road Kids, in Denmark to the Udenfor foundation.

You can purchase Le Clochard and Le Trottoir at Snurk bedding or at Dutch by Design.

The White Laundry Series

In addition to the Trottoir, Snurk Bedding has just released their new White Laundry Series. Duvets which appear to have an article of white clothing casually strewn upon them, complete with drop shadow. The five various duvets feature one of each of the following; a robe, a shirt, a bra, a pair of socks or a thong.

The Old School Duvet

Unlike the photorealistic modern bedding, the Old School design is a throwback to Brady Bunch-era Suburbia. The look of a well worn woolen plaid without any of the itching.

Snurk Bedding is made of 100% cotton; percale (200 thread count) and percaline (144 thread count).

(Snurk = Dutch for snoring)

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