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Seven Deadly Sin Snowdomes By Ligorano And Reese

Only a select few know that I've got a ridiculously enormous collection of snowdomes ( also called snowglobes, shakies or waterglobes). Most of the over 300 that I own are packed away in boxes with the exception of a few of the more artsy and unusual ones. By that I mean limited editions, signed and numbered and sold either in museums, galleries or directly from the artist.

A few days ago I wrote about the artfully twisted snowdomes and photo prints of Walter Martin and Paloma Muniz. (I don't yet own one of theirs, but I want one... I have to wait and see if they ever go on sale, lol).

I do have the WTF snowdome (a recent purchase from Urban Outfitters) and the third edition of the more offensive version by Nora Logorano and Marshall Reese, both shown below:

Which brings me to their latest collection. Ligorano and Reese have just released their Seven Deadly Sins Snowdomes, which I would LOVE to have. Each has one of the seven deadly sins depicted in translucent colored type (in a font appropriate to the sin) on a colored wood base.

above: Close-up of LUST

above: close up of ENVY

A little too pricey for me to buy the whole collection at $100.00 each. But they are fabulous, take a look:

They’re available a la carte, $100/each. Order them online here

Dimensions: 5 1/2 inches high, 3 3/4 inch wood base, 4 inch glass globe.

about the artists:

NORA LIGORANO and MARSHALL REESE (shown above) have collaborated together as Ligorano/Reese since the early 80’s. They use collaboration to blend diverse talents into a singular voice and vision. In the process of creating their work, their individual contributions cross and criss-cross between each other from brainstorming to realizing and making the art on location or in the studio.

They use unusual materials and industrial processes to make their limited edition multiples, videos, sculptures and installations, moving easily from dish towels, underwear, and snow globes, to electronic art and computer controlled interactive installations.

They take and manipulate images, audio and text from old media: print, television, radio and combine that with the new: internet and mobile telecommunications. Their pursuit is an ongoing investigation into the impact of technology on culture and the associations and meanings that the media brings to images, language and speech in politics.

Ligorano and Reese

Pure Products, USA

special thanks to See-Ming Lee for the additional photos

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