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Dress Like A Wild Thing. Clothes, Bags, Jewelry & More Inspired By The Movie.

In collaboration with director Spike Jonze, Opening Ceremony created a limited edition collection of fashions inspired by his recently released film adaptation of Maurice Sendak’s treasured book, Where the Wild Things Are. The new movie also inspired a jewelry collection designed by Pamela Love for both men and women.

The Fall 2009/2010 capsule collection is all faux fur (of course) and surprisingly cute and wearable despite the fact that they are based on huge hairy creatures.

The clothing line features a full range of faux fur pieces for both men and women, evoking Max’s crew of wild friends including Carol, Judith, K.W., Douglas, Ira and Bull. The line even includes Max’s iconic one-piece playsuit - complete with furry-eared hood and wolf tail. To top it off, Pamela Love has also contributed to the project, creating silver and brass men’s and women’s jewelry inspired by the film’s iconography.

The Fall / winter collection 2009-2010

For Women


Dresses and skirts:

For Men

A military jacket, a lined parka and a bomber jacket:

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending upon your personal taste), The Max Suit and Hoodie jacket shown below are no longer available.

The Tote bags are really adorable. And reversible.
With one faux fur side and an opposing plaid cotton side (that had an open pocket), they have the where the wild things are x opening ceremony tag /logo and fabric straps. the faux fur: 85% acrylic, 15% polyester, lining: 100% cotton. Available in carol, judith, kw, bull and ira:

Jewelry by Pamela Love, inspired by Where The Wild Things Are:

The following pieces from the collection are not available at Opening Ceremony or Colette:

To see more of Pamela Love's jewelry designs, go here,

Shop for the clothing and jewelry collection at Opening Ceremony

Colette only caries three pieces of the clothing for the women (one skirt, one dress and one vest), none of the tote bags, but most of the jewelry as well as some Where The Wild Things Are figurines and toys. Shop for the collection at Colette

above:Collectible Kubricks from Medicom available here

above: Dave Eggers' The Wild Things (Fur-covered Edition)

Or buy Where The Wild Things Are books, soundtracks, calendars, puzzles, ornaments, plush toys,collectibles and more here.

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