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Gaga Gala For MOCA NEW 30th Items Go Up For Auction

As the foremost benefit event of The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA), the MOCA NEW 30th Anniversary Gala which took place on November 14, 2009, featured Ballets Russes Italian Style (The Shortest Musical You Will Never See Again), a commissioned work by international artist Francesco Vezzoli starring Lady Gaga and dancers from the Bolshoí Ballet.

above: Vezzoli and Lady Gaga

Artist Francesco Vezzoli invited renowned contemporary artists and creators Miuccia Prada, Damien Hirst, Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin, and Frank Gehry to engage in his MOCA NEW Gala performance showcasing the world premiere of Lady Gaga’s new release, Speechless.

Each contributed unique elements made especially for the one-night-only production, including the Steinway Grand piano customized by artist Damien Hirst:

The dress donned by Lady Gaga was designed by Prada along with Vezzoli:

Architect Frank Gehry created a hat for Lady Gaga in his signature angular style:

Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin designed ballet costumes and masks for the event.

And of course, the requisite art-loving celebs were there like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (aka Brangelina):

Pharrell Williams and artist Takeshi Murakami, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale:

and lots more.

a little clip from Access Hollywood of the event for you:

If you missed the event, which of course most of us did, you can bid on some of the artist and designer contributed costumes and props from the Gala.

Here's all the images and details for you, including opening bids.

MOCA NEW 30th Anniversary Gala Benefit Auction November 14- December 20, 2009
MOCA is proud to offer these extraordinary MOCA NEW objects, in addition to the exquisite masks and costumes worn by the Bolshoi Ballet dancers, in this special MOCA online auction. All proceeds will support the museum’s exhibition and education programming.

Auction Items:

Lady Gaga Costume
As the renowned headline performer at the MOCA NEW Gala, pop icon Lady Gaga was styled in an exquisite couture dress by Miuccia Prada and Francesco Vezzoli. A lyrical expression of the avant-garde, this singular design is an evocative reflection of the intermingling of theatrics and musicality that distinguishes the career of this eccentric songstress and a priceless remembrance of her one-night-only MOCA performance.

Costume Details:
•Dress made of printed doubled satin. Black and white photographic print.
•Chandelier overskirt.
•Plex boots with black satin bordersand and black satin small buttons, chandelier heels. (Size 37)

Category: Lady Gaga Costume
Value: $30,000
Minimum Bid: $20,000
Donor(s): Miuccia Prada and Francesco Vezzoli

Hat by Frank Gehry
A remarkable architectonic accessory, the sculptural hat adorning Lady Gaga at the MOCA NEW Gala is a special creation by Frank Gehry, known worldwide for his extraordinary ability to confound fixed notions of space and form. As the first art piece of its kind at MOCA, this distinctive headpiece is a unique artwork that combines the excitement of Vezzoli’s baroque discothèque with Gehry’s visionary approach to architectural innovation.

Category: Lady Gaga Hat
Value: $30,000
Minimum Bid: $10,000
Donor(s):Frank Gehry

Costumes for the Dancers from the Bolshoi Ballet, by Miuccia Prada and Francesco Vezzoli
Miuccia Prada and Francesco Vezzoli contemporized the classical Bolshoi Ballet dancers for Vezzoli's MOCA New Gala performance with impeccable costumes that thoughtfully accentuated each movement, heightening the drama of the sensually refined yet subtly melancholic tale that unfolds on stage. Showing the designers’ theatrical side, these flawless fashions—limited in this auction to one male and one female garment—are stunning constructions made and worn exclusively for the MOCA NEW Gala.

Category: Bolshoi Ballet Costumes (Male and female costumes are auctioned separately)
Value of each: $15,000
Minimum Bid for each: $10,000
Donor(s): Miuccia Prada and Francesco Vezzoli

Female and Male Mask by Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin
Woven prominently into the dramatic narrative of Vezzoli’s Ballets Russes Italian Style, the magnificent facial masks guard the true identity of key characters while showcasing the creative sensibility of collaborating artists Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin. The signature pair of masks in MOCA’s auction—male and female—reflects the unconventional mode of performative contemporary works that capture the gala’s unexpected climactic moment.

Female mask:

Male mask:

Category: Masks
Value of each: $5,000
Minimum Bid for each: $1,500
Donor(s): Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin

Condition of Online Sales:
Bids must start at the minimum amount stated on the individual artwork page.
All bids are binding.
Online bidding will close on Monday, November 30, 2009, at 11:59pm.
The highest online bids will be confirmed by MOCA. All property is sold “as is”.

Payment and Shipping Information:

Artworks should be paid for and Shipping arrangements must be made by Thursday, January 8th 2009.
Buyers are responsible for shipping and insurance charges.
Purchases are subject to California state sales tax.

For more information please contact Veridiana Pontes-Ring
at 213/621-1778 or

The New Yorker has a great article about the event here.

Online bidding closes Sunday, December 20th at 11:59pm go here to register for bidding.

If you never saw the fabulous GREED project and exhibit by Francesco Vezzoli, check it out:

GREED: All About The Faux Fragrance Bottle, Posters, & Video

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