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Lucky Dog! Moxie, The Dachshund Of Fallingwater

Moxie, The Dachshund of Fallingwater was written by Cara Armstrong, Curator of Education at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater.

Product Description (from Amazon):
Children experience the renowned Frank Lloyd Wright house that boldly cantilevers over a waterfall in the western Pennsylvania mountains through the eyes of the Kaufmann family’s most beloved dog in residence.

Beginning with the initial site survey, the loveable dachshund reflects on the myriad details that make the “Big House” so special. Moxie and her siblings’ preferred picnic site, the rock, becomes the foundation that supports the residence’s dramatic design, and the grand fireplace built around the big rock provides a warm stone where the dogs nap whenever they want.

A table that can be stretched out so that as many as 18 of their friends, such as artist Peter Blume and his German shepherd Manfred, can sit down with the K’s to eat dinner is so portable it can be moved to wherever they'd like. The dachshund's long, straight backs are reflected in the horizontal lines of the house—long, low tables; shelves; bands of glass in the windows—and built-in desks hang out from the walls like a diving board just as Moxie’s tail extends from her body.

Fallingwater's steep, cascading staircase mimics the waterfall and parallels the house’s dramatic descent down the hillside, and the plunge pool built into the stream is just right for a brisk, refreshing swim. A handy glossary features both images and text to explain key architectural terms.

About the Author

Cara Armstrong is the curator of education at Fallingwater, the one-time vacation residence of the Edgar J. Kaufmann family of Pittsburgh that was donated to the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy. She lives in Ligonier, Pennsylvania.

special thanks to Inside Laurel Highlands for additional images.

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