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For Rockers To Vulcans, Hand Gesture USB Storage Drives

above: usb storage Hand Gestures by Imm Living

above: Hand gesture candles by Atelier WM

Some of my readers may recall my post on the fun hand gesture candles by Atelier WM. Which, although hard to find, they do make nice gifts, but pricey ones at approximately $80.00 each. But if you're into hand gestures, and don't want to spend a lot on a holiday gift, the latest USB data storage hands by Imm Living may be just the thing.

They make great stocking stuffers that people will really use, and they are fairly affordable ranging from 27$ to $37 each.

Designed by Imm Living of Toronto, the gestures mimic those of popular culture from Peace signs to Vulcan salutes. Each is made of PVC, is a different color and has a 2 gig capacity.

Here's the full line of all seven:

Rocker Love:

East Side:

West Side:

Peace Sign:


Word Up:

Vulcan Salute:

Sirtified seems to sell four of them (West side, East side, Rocker Love and Change) and Composition sells the Vulcan Salute one. Audio Cubes carries the Peace Sign and I can only find the Word Up one here at AC Gears.

Imm Living.

Read about Atelier WM hand candles and where to find them here.

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