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Brand Logos As Alphabet Poster, Can You Name Them All?

How well do you know your brand logos?

Orlando artist and graphic designer Jason Dean of The Best Part has created an fun alphabet poster that is bound to appeal to those who work in advertising, marketing or branding. Or simply to those consumers who know their brands.

The 26 letter alphabet is comprised of letters taken from famous brand logos. Some just partial, some the entire logo. Foil stamped and embossed, the posters use no ink.

I got the following ones immediately, but not sure of the rest. Can you help me out?

A (abc), C (Coca Cola), D (Disney), E (Enron), G (General Electric), H (Honda), J (Johnson and Johnson), K (Kellogg's), L (Lilly), M (McDonalds), O (Target's bullseye), Q (Quicktime), S (Superman), T (Texaco), U (United), V (Volkswagon), X (Xerox), Y (Yahoo), Z (Zenith)

Do you know the following? Leave a comment with the answer if you do.

Printed in two different colorways, you have the choice of silver foil on black paper or gold foil on cream, both stocks are 100 lb. French Pop-Tone and are individually stamped, signed and numbered.

Limited to 500 prints of each color.
$50.00 each.

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