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Symbio Design Loudspeakers by Jerry Koza: Alpha, Beta & EggO

The Alpha or Alfa (sic):

The design of the Alpha loudspeaker system is based on a baffle made from laminated composite. A bass-reflex tube is made the same way and, after the manufacturing process completion, it becomes an integral part of the baffle.

In addition, the bass-reflex tube orifice shape prevents the turbulence generation with air circulation in the tube, when a higher sound volume is set, which very often adversely affects the systems sound character and brings undesired noises into the performance. The shell is made with laying stress on the standing waves elimination without a single joint, so we eliminated pressure losses. The selected construction provides high shell rigidity with a big inner acoustic attenuation.

number of bands: 2
baffle type: bass-reflex
recommended placement: floor, shelf, in-wall installation, ceiling
total weight of the system: 5.5 kg/piece
max. high 580 mm, max. width 330 mm, max. depth 470 mm
response (1W,1m): 91 dB SPL
frequency characteristics: 40 - 4000 Hz
nominal impedance: 8 Ohm
weight 1,41 kg
long-lasting maximum power 75 W
short-lasting maximum power 250 W
Tweeter :
response (1W,1m): 92 dB SPL
frequency characteristics: 2000 - 25000 Hz
nominal impedance: 6 Ohm
weight 0,5 kg
long-lasting maximum power 90 W
short-lasting maximum power 220 W

The Beta:

Upon customer’s request, it is possible to individually change the standard high-gloss snow-white surface finish, which comes from ALFA, for any other colour of the RAL colour palette. Generally, the model is also supplied in black and silver colour.

The Beta loudspeakers are designed to be put on a table top or any other suitable place, including floor. We are also preparing light in-wall or ceiling installations. The minimalist solution assumes a simple connection to your audio system using the loudspeaker cable, which is the part of delivery.

Wideband loudspeaker system with an enclosed baffle. The system is bedded with two special FDS loudspeakers.

number of bands: 1
baffle type: enclosed baffle
recommended placement: floor, shelf, table, in-wall installation, ceiling
FDS 100-30 loudspeaker
Type: Extremely flat wideband loudspeaker
Total maximum installation depth, including
the basket and diaphragm: 27 mm
response (1W,1m): 85 dB SPL
maximum acoustic pressure: 100/b>
wattage rating: 40 W RMS
wattage rating (peak): 60 W RMS
frequency char. (+/-3dB): 130Hz – 16 kHz
flare angle (120 Hz – 12,5 kHz): > 90° (-5 dB)
resonance frequency: 130 Hz
maximum core deviation: +/- 6mm
material of magnet: neodymium
material of basket: ABS
material of diaphragm: paper, TPU
diaphragm diameter: 100 mm
weight: 220 g

The EggO

The EggO is a passive loudspeaker system with a band-pass baffle type bedded with one low-frequency speaker. EggO subwoofer is supplemented with an efficient amplifier. Correction elements of amplifier contain output level and crossover frequency controls.

number of bands: 1
baffle type: band-pass baffle
recommended placement: floor
SEAS loudspeaker
Type: low-frequency speaker
impedance: --- Ohm
response (1W,1m): --- dB SPL
maximum acoustic pressure: --- dB
wattage rating: --- W RMS / --- W peak
frequency characteristics (+/-3dB): 40 - 200 Hz
maximum core deviation: +/- --- mm
material of magnet: neodymium

SYMBIO Design, s.r.o.
Brigadniku 44
100 00 Praha 10

Mgr. Petr Malenicky - sales , Andrej Jakovlev - technology Mg.A Jerry Koza - design

T: +420 777 253 713 (sales)
T: +420 608 420 006 (technology)
T: +420 777 253 702 (design)

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