Melissa: Shoes That Redefine Affordable, Stylish, Recyclable And... Plastic!

Melissa is a socially and environmentally responsible company in Brazil that employs sustainable practices, treats their employees well (paying them above average wages complete with benefits), collaborates with hip designers and fashion icons (like Karim Rashid, Zaha Hadid and Vivienne Westwood to name only a few) to churn out millions (over 50 million pairs in the past 25 years) of environmentally responsible shoes made with a special patented recyclable plastic compound called MEFLEX. A shoe begins as a large orb of plastic and takes a only a minute to produce.

Plastic shoes? Yes, but these are far more chic, varied and even come in a 'flocked' or 'velvet' versions. Collaborations with some of today's hippest designers yield everything from "couture" plastic shoes adorned with crystals by J. Maskrey to super sexy high heels by the Campana Brothers and Alexandre Herchovitch you'd find hard to believe are plastic.

J Maskrey

The Campanas brothers

alexandre herchcovitch

Stylist Judy Blame

Vivienne Westwood

The latest collaboration is with world renowned architect/designer Zaha Hadid:

The website(s), advertising and concept store in SaoPaulo, whose facade changes monthly with various artists' work, are all incredibly creative. The shoes smell like candy, look chic, come in every style from tennis shoes and sandals to ballet flats and boots with prices ranging from approx $46.00 to $60.00 USD

The shoe selections seem to vary depending upon which country's site you are viewing.

Below are some of their special editions for 2008, which were collaborations with well known characters from comics and cartoons.

Le Petit Prince /The Little Prince:

Wonder Woman:

Walt Disney's Tinkerbell:


And a few more of their many styles:

Above: Secret Love. Available in several colors.

Above: A 'velvet' MEFLEX shoe shown in black from Vivienne Westwood's Anglomania collection.

Above: Positive, shown in asch. Also available in several color combinations and with or without the ankle strap

Above: Hello, shown in in gold or black 'velvet'. Other colors available.

And a few styles from the Spring 2009 collection:

see and learn more at Melissa Plastic Dreams


Anonymous said...

Melissa Shoes are gorgeous!!! I have two pairs but unfortunately they KILL my feet!!! Leather becomes soft after a while, plastic however doesn't. It keeps its original shape and sharp edges. It's such a pity, coz I love them!!

Anonymous said...

that´s it, melissa becomes soft just under high temperatures, like here in Brazil... My ones are all very very comfortable. it´s a brazillian shoe for brazillian women... other women can stay with their balenciaga´s, prada´s, a melissa é nossa!

Anonymous said...

Try having a look at the shoe where it hurts - mine were giving me blisters until i realised the lining material had formed little clumps at the "seams" on the heels. i scraped the clumps off really carefully until the seam was smooth, and no more problems. also a bit of anti-blister stick (e.g. Body-Glide, like a stick deodourant but it's a wax or something to stop chafing) helps if it's a hot sweaty day. Which isn't often, cos this is England!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I have two pairs of Melissa's as well and one of them, although I love them kill my heels since I think the back part is too high.

Well, my qwestion is another one: I falled in love with an old model of Melissa shoes: "Hello" in black plastic, Could you tell me where could I find a pair of them since they are from an older collection? I live in Spain, but these moments I have two friends of mine in Sao Paulo (in case it can be easier to find them in ther (maybe an outlet store)

I would really thank your answers.

Here you got my mail:

Laura Sweet said...

Your best bet is to contact Melissa and ask them, below is their page of contacts by country.

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.