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Mystical Yet Edgy: Unearthen's Bullets and Gemstone Jewelry

A little new age, a little punk and very unusual, Unearthen's jewelry combines raw precious and semi-precious gems and crystals with empty bullet casings suspended on 14k gold. oxidized or sterling silver chains. Unisex in their appeal, the casings are etched with the 'un' from their company name, and the semi precious and precious gems range from tourmalines and aquamarines to pyrite and quartz.

Each crystal has certain properties which are described in depth on the unearthen site and each piece is one of a kind, hand-crafted and takes approximately 4-8 weeks to receive.

Gia Bahm is the creator of Unearthen and lives and works in New York City, balancing her life between wardrobe styling and jewelry design, between summer nights in the woods and winter days on the streets.

The beautiful website by Base / Apex and the look books with photography by Steven Krebs and illustration by Amelia Bauer are worth checking out, even if the jewelry isn't your style.

The Unearthen Website.

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