Lingerie Moves From The Drawer To Couture With Strumpet And Pink.

above: Willow

Lisa Z Morgan and Melanie Probert have taken lingerie out of the drawer and into couture with their UK company Strumpet and Pink. The finest materials including silk satins, netting, seed beads, and chiffon are given bias cuts, ruffles, flower like petals and silk covered buttons to create unparalleled sensuous silk undergarments. Made by hand, be aware that the prices are couture as well. But what a gift these pieces would make, especially for a blushing bride!

Above: Garden of Delights

Above: Black Forest Gateau

Above: Fifi

Above: Dreaming of Jade

Above: Eve's Drapes

Above: Rosette Cheeks (extended)

Above: Mimi

Above: Swan's Tail

Above: Princess And The Pea

Above: Where The Sun Does Shine

Above: Sowing Her Seeds

Above: Maiden's Belt

Above: Ming's Vase

Above: Hunting Through The Ruffles (extended)

Above: Hunting Through The Ruffles

Above: Rosette Cheeks

Very hard to find and sold primarily in the UK, these online boutiques do carry some of their products:

Find them here at Catriona Mackechnie.
And at Glamorous Amorous, here. And at Faire Frou Frou here.

Want to see the Dark and Sexy Side of Lingerie?

Then check out Bela's Dead lingerie here.


Desdemona said...

Super CUTE!!

geo said...

I like boo-tay as much as the next guy but this is a little too much conspicuous consumption for me.

Midori said...

Totally fabulous. Thanks for posting this!

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

thank you for the Faire Frou Frou mention! these panties are amazing - nothing else like it! we're so excited because our new shipment of Strumpet & Pink come into the boutique any day now!

Urban Takeout said...

Hmmm, its like couture lingerie. It's really sexy. Good post.
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Anonymous said...


prague hotel said...

Fabulous designs of lingerie..
Good post.
Thank you for posting..

pertedetemps said...

Loved it!!! Wish they could always be this nice under my jeans :)

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Courtney said...

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Interesting panties. Beautiful

feromonas said...

Love the needlepoint work

Lingerie Empress said...

Fabulous and original designs. The craft and skill in making some of these has to be admired. Lovely.

Alchemical said...

95% of these are ugly.

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.