What The Devil Is With Conmoto's Latest Collection of Fireplace Products? Just That, The Devil.

Conmoto has some stunning elegant fireplace items as well as actual fireplaces, about which I've blogged before. But their latest items have a touch of devilish whimsy, verging on... dare I say it? Cute. The Feuerbock Design Series from Conmoto shown below.

Dragonheart Andirons:

DRAGONHEART serves as an andiron in the fireplace or as a log rack in front of it. Made of cast aluminium, black.
Design: Sieger Design, H 30 x W 33 x D 8 cm

Andiron Devil Bob:

The devil BOB made from cast aluminium, serves as an andiron in the fireplace, so that wood can be easily stacked for lighting. Design: NOA H 19 x W 31 cm

Fire Devil Lucifer (black and red):

The fire devil LUCIFER burns with a tea light or a candle. On top of the fireplace or in the living area, it will transform into a blazing sculpture. For easy replacement of candles, the rear wall of the fire devil is fastened with two magnets. LUCIFER is available in the following colours black/red or red.
Front: cast aluminium; Back: sheet-steel
Design: sieger design
H 31 x W 18 x D 15 cm

Andiron Devil Jim:

The andiron devil JIM gives the fireplace a contemporary, emotional appeal. And, of course, it is also the good spirit of the fireplace. In the summer, the andiron devil revives the unused fireplace and takes away its inactive emptiness. On top the fireplace, it ensures as a functional humidifier, a pleasant room climate. By the way: with a tea light placed inside, the andiron also gleams throughout the home - simply cozy. Made of cast aluminum and includes the glass
Design: NOA, H 28 x W 14 x D 10 cm

Buy the above products and more at the online Conomoto Shop.

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