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"Beets" Headphones by OrigAudio Are Both Funny and Serious.

"Beets" by OrigAudio are a hilarious play on Beats by Dre. Over the ear headphones with icons of beets... yes, the root vegetable, on the ear pieces. And with every purchase of these fashionably nutritious headphones, you are supporting a great cause.

Limited edition "Beets" by OrigAudio headphones comes in six unique colors and with every purchase of the $25 headphones sold OrigAudio will donate a can of beets to Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County.

"Beets" by OrigAudio headphones features:
- Full stereo sound with outside noise reduction technology
- Volume control and a single headphone cord to reduce tangling
- Soft cushioned earcups for extra comfort
- Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz
- Hard exterior travel case included with your order
- Works with ANY device that has a standard 3.5mm headphone jack: iPods, iPhones, Droids, laptops, blackberrys, etc.

Buy them here

Grain Audio. Solid Walnut Wood Meets Technology For Sound Design.

Two ex-Altec Lansing guys, an architect/furniture designer and a liquor industry operational expert combined their tastes and talents to launch Grain Audio. A company that creates beautifully executed audio products, each with has an integral wooden component to it. Solid, not veneered, the design has a positive impact on sound quality and unique grain structure, turning each piece of equipment into a one-of-a-kind design object.

With four different products in their collection thus far, they have successfully created substantial products that look as good as they sound.

The Packable Wireless System (PWS):

The Packable Wireless System from Grain Audio sets itself apart from the competition in both sound and design. The FSC certified walnut enclosure, combined with Waves MaxxAudio suite ensures studio quality sound out of a super portable speaker. Eight hours of battery life allows you to rock without having to worry about charging.

Technical Specs:
• WxDxH- 7" x 2 3/8" x 3 1/8" (180mm x 60mm x 80mm)
• AAC Support
• BT 3.0+A2DP with APT-X technology
• Grammy Award Winning MAXXAUDIO sound processing
• 2 x 2” proprietary loudspeakers
• Proprietary passive radiator
• Rechargeable LioN battery with 8 hours playtime
• Patent pending thru-bolted, braced panel construction
• 1 5V AC adapter (included)
• 1 36” USB cable (included)
• 1 60” 3.5MM cable (included)
• 1 carry pouch (included)

Price: $249 USD

The Over Ear Headphones:

Each pair of OEHP's feature grain matched, FSC certified solid walnut enclosures that is paired with their proprietary driver which features a Neodymium magnet and a CCAW voice coil. This means no fake bass boost, no weird mid-range, just pure, natural sound.

The OEHP was designed to highlight the natural beauty of its solid wood earcups. The inline mic is streamlined and intuitive to use. There are no unnecessary flourishes or extraneous details.

Technical features:
• Ear cups made of FSC Certified Walnut with hand-applied oil finish
• 2x40mm proprietary loudspeakers featuring Neodymium magnets and a CCAW voice coil
• Inline mic and remote
• TPE jacketed cable
• 3.5mm jack and ¼” adapter

Price: $199 USD

In Ear Headphones:

Each pair of IEHP's feature solid wood, grain matched enclosures that are fitted with their proprietary driver that features a Neodymium magnet and a CCAW voice coil. The silicone strain relief protects the wood housing and is comfortable on the ear and to the touch. The inline mic is simple and intuitive to use. There are no unnecessary flourishes or extraneous details.

Technical Features:
• Housings constructed of FSC Certified Walnut with hand-applied oil finish
• 2x8mm proprietary loudspeakers featuring Neodymium magnets and a CCAW voice coil
• Inline mic and remote
• TPE jacketed cable
• 3.5mm jack

Price: $99 USD

Passive Bookshelf System (PBS):

From the sound board to the speaker, this Bluetooth (TM) wireless speaker leverages the Grammy Winning Waves MaxxAudio® suite found in many famous mixing boards in the PWS to deliver the music as it was intended to sound. No games or artificial enhancements, just the sweet sounds as they were meant to be heard. We also include both Apt-X and AAC to ensure the highest quality audio standards.

Technical Features:
• Set of 2 Speakers included in package
• WxDxH - 12" x 8 1/8" x 7 1/2" (305mm x 205mm x 190 mm)
• 100watts RMS power handling
• 5.25” midbass woofer featuring Neodymium magnets and CCAW voice coils
• Bass reflex enclosure
• Rubber feet for table top mounting
• Mounting holes for wall mount

Price: $649 USD


They strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible, using recycled and sustainable materials wherever they can while offsetting where they cannot. They will also contribute a percentage of each sale to music and community related charities to help ensure future generations carry on our passion for music.

The folks behind Grain Audio:

Mitch Wenger, Marketing
Mitch has worked for a number of years in the audio industry as well as high-level engagements with major global brands for both digital marketing and ecommerce. More importantly, he spent most of his youth in concert halls and at music festivals around the country and now dances with his wife and kids whenever he can.

David Burke, Acoustics
An Audio Engineer with over 10 years of experience and ears of gold. When not tuning systems and creating audio nirvana, he's brewing something in the shop to keep us on our toes.

Chris Weir, Design
You name it, Chris has designed it. Trained in architecture and furniture design Chris brings a unique eye to the speaker world and enables us to do something unlike that which has ever been seen. Plus, he loves Iron Maiden, so there's that.

Kevin, Operations
Secret weapon. Kevin worked for several wine, beer and spirits companies in a major operational capacity. So if you're wondering why he's the secret weapon, you should come visit our offices, happy hour starts early.

Eric Wenger, Business Operations and IT
EWang as he's affectionately known is the glue that keeps it all together here at Grain. In addition to handling our business operations, he's also a top-notch web and IT guy. Plus, if you need a recommendation on a Widespread Panic show to listen to, or bar to go to in New Orleans, he's your man.

PURE* Computers and Amplifiers. High Tech With High Style from Amsterdam.

Four years ago, I wrote a post on these unusual ceramic encased computers and amplifiers from Plush Department. Since that time, they have updated the technical specs so that the computers and amplifiers have up-to-date capabilities like BluRay, VOIP and video conferencing.

Together with Dutch designer Vince Vijsma and Cor Unum Plush Department created the first PURE* ceramic computer cases. The PURE* line extends into many colors and metal coatings such as bronze, platinum and pure gold. This is actually one of the big advantages of ceramic as a base material. PURE*s are cubic in shape with friendly rounded edges that integrate perfectly into any style environment - only the port for entering a DVD or CD remains recognizable as a tech interface.

The PURE* Computers and amplifiers are available in Delft Blue, White, Black, Bronze, Gold-plated and a special edition by Graffiti artist Zender, all shown here.

PURE* Delft Blue

The Koninklijke Delftsche Aardewerkfabriek (Royal Delft Pottery) “De Porceleyne Fles Anno 1653” N.V. (Royal Delft) is the leading producer of authentic Delft Blue ornamental earthenware and modern earthenware. The Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles is the only remaining factory of 32 earthenware factories that were established in the 17th century.

Plushdepartment’s PURE is a piece of modern earthenware with a retro authentic view. Plush Department gave De Porceleyne Fles the assignment to create a motif that really fitted the shape of the PURE* and a Dutch design look. Very recognizable all over the world, but never seen on a computer, ever.

The Plush Department PURE* Delft Blue numbered, signed and certified by the Royal Porceleyne Fles and are rare collector items.

PURE* Gold
126 grams to be exact. The factory has to be emptied of all workers since gold is a heavy metal and only trained people are allowed to handle it under this conditions according to Dutch law.

In the Netherlands there is one such person. The gold layer is a 100% gold glazing, there is no dilution of any kind. It is actually one of the purest forms of the rare metal.

PURE* Bronze
Many cultures produced works of high art using bronze. In Africa the bronze heads of the Kingdom of Benin, in Europe; Grecian bronzes typically of figures from Greek mythology. In East Asia chinese bronzes of the Shang and Zhou dynasty - more often ceremonial vessels but including some figurine examples.

Bronze was significant to any culture that encountered it. It was one of the most innovative alloys of mankind.

The bronze glaze comes alive in every lighting situation, a unique quality hardly found in any other material.

PURE* White
An object of excellence combines form and function.

The big advantage of ceramic is the sheer endless possibilities one has with glazing.
Because of that it is possible to create the perfect color for each interior design.

PURE* Black

PURE* Zender

The modern artist Sander Pappot, also known as Zender, is based in Amsterdam and well known for his multilayered art that is very hip and stylish with retro influences.

Zender used to be part of the underground Amsterdam graffiti scene and known for his own unique style. Nowadays he runs his own graphic agency and has clients worldwide.

Plushdepartment asked him to go back to his roots again, and gave him a PURE computer and amplifier to handpaint in his own streetstyle.

About the computers:
The Plush Department PURE* computers are built for high definition media usage. With a PURE* you can watch BluRay disks, DVD’s, listen to CD’s and MP3's and present your photo’s and video’s. The Plush Department PURE* computers can also automatically “rip” those disks to your hard drive for easy access later on.

The PURE* computer is also perfect for each form of communication like email, chatting, voice over IP and video conferencing. Of course you can use your PURE* also for surfing the internet and all the office applications that you usually use.

Combine the PURE* computer with the PURE* amplifier and you possess also a audiophile sound environment. The combination enables you to replace all those HiFi installations, set top boxes and the half dozen remote controls one needed up to now with more possibilities and better image and audio quality.

The ceramic casings:
Cor Unum is the Dutch company that is world famous for their ceramic production for artists. Their mission is to produce the most beautiful pieces of earthenware, drawn by the national and international respected designers of today. Quality without compromise, technical expertise almost without limitation. All to provide their clients with the pleasure of enjoying ceramic art at the highest level. When Plush Department started the search for the case producer, no other company dared to touch the design, since square forms are extremely difficult to create in ceramic material. It took one year to realize the PURE* cases.

Computer Technical Specs:
Inside the Plush Department PURE* lineup you will find balanced highend components. Each selected part is chosen for it's excellence in it's field. Some parts even had to be developed like the PSU which is designed by the electrical engineer of

Processor: Intel Dual Core 2,93GHz with Hyperthreading this CPU is very powerful yet very energy efficient.
Motherboard: Intel P57 chipset hightech board of superb quality.
Graficcard: High Definition 1080P with DVI HDMI connection
Harddisk operating system: INTEL SSD 80GB X25-M G2 Postville 240MB/s very fast SATA II interface.
Harddisk datastorage: 2TB (2000GB) with fast SATA II interface.
Memory: 4GB (2x2048MB) highend Dual Channel RAM.
Sound: 8 channels with HD audio and Digital SPDIF
Network: 10/100/1000 Gigabit LAN connection including a fast wifi N solution.
Connections: 8xUSB 2.0, LAN, eSATA and WiFi.
Optical: Bluray player CD DVD writer
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

All this makes the PURE*computers very powerful and reliable and enables you to work fast, enjoy emerging graphics, store thousands of files, MP3's, data, photos or movies. You can easily connect to other computers in your network.You can play at home or online.

PURE* computers contain the same technology that you find in the computers. Ikbenstil uses the best available cooling technology to create extremely silent highend computers. At the same time those computers are very stable, energy efficient and fast.

Because of this technology it is possible to use Plush Department computers in every living or working space.

Amplifier Specs:
What do you look for in a power amplifier? Bet it's the sound. The amplifier modules used in the PHONO are designed from the ground up for true fidelity by Hypex Electronics.

Flat, fully load-independent frequency response
Low output impedance
Very low, frequency-independent THD
Very low noise
Consistent top performer in listening trials including class A and SET amplifiers
Runs on unregulated +/- rails
Pop-free start and stop control
Differential audio input
Overcurrent and overvoltage
LM4562 National buffer op amp
Audiophile capacitors

The amplifier modules circuit is based on phase-shift controlled self-oscillation, with only a single voltage feedback control loop taking off at the loudspeaker terminals. The control function is constructed fully out of passive components, with only the comparator standing in for gain.

Item Symbol Spec Notes
Output Power PR 180W 4Ω, THD=1%
Distortion THD <0.1% typ Po< PR/2 <0.008% typ Po=1W Noise Un 30uV typ Frequency Response <10Hz-50kHz +0,-3dB Output Impedance Zo <20mΩ f=1kHz <150mΩ f=20kHz Efficiency η >92%
Supply Ripple Rejection PSRR 65dB Both rails


Visit them at:
The Plushdepartment Store
Dukdalfweg 30
1041BE Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Telephone +31-20-3301345

New Beolit 12, A Portable Wireless Speaker with AirPlay for your iPhone from Bang & Olufsen.

above: A still from the Beolit 12 commercial plays up the picnic basket-like shape.

The first product from Bang & Olufsen's new brand, B&O Play, has been chosen as the "Coolest New Speakers" by Gizmodo at the 2012 CES (Consumer Electronics Show).

With a full-grain leather strap, a solid aluminum grill, illuminated controls, 120 watts of output, a built-in power supply, and an 8 hour rechargeable battery, the Beolit 12 is a portable wireless speaker that features Apple’s AirPlay technology.

Designed by Cecilie Manz for B&O, it comes in four different colors and is said to arrive in Bang & Olufsen showrooms and select Apple stores later this month with a starting price of $800.

The television commercial promoting the new product plays off on its portable picnic basket like shape with an urban high fashion Little Red Riding Hood:

The press release:
Bang & Olufsen, the global provider of luxury, integrated audio-video solutions and services, and B&O PLAY, the company’s new brand focused on a more playful and portable product portfolio, are announcing its first product, the Beolit 12 portable music system. Beolit 12 will defy industry standards with its cutting-edge sound quality, flexible application and distinct, compact design.

Designed by Danish designer, Cecilie Manz, Beolit 12 follows a design language that is a direct reflection of its use: convenient, robust and casual. Beolit 12 follows the success of the BeoSound 8 sound system for iPad/iPod/iPhone docking, with a combination of excellent sound performance, distinct design and craftsmanship, and portable wireless operation.

“With its unsurpassed sound performance and striking design, we believe Beolit 12 will resonate with both Bang & Olufsen enthusiasts and now a new and wider customer demographic, due to its convenience, price point and fashion-forward style” states Tue Mantoni, CEO Bang & Olufsen. “We believe it bridges a gap in the market by delivering a high quality listening experience and still having the convenience of playing music from ones portable digital device or smart phone.”

Beolit 12 features Apple’s AirPlay technology. It allows you to play music wirelessly from your iPod, iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC when connected to your wireless network. It is designed to be portable and has a built-in power supply and a rechargeable battery. The power cord packs neatly away inside the system when not in use. The rechargeable battery has the capacity to charge an iPhone or other connected device and play back music for up to 8 hours at normal sound levels.

“By combining Bang & Olufsen’s 86 years of experience in sound and acoustic technology and advances with the latest wireless technology, Beolit 12 allows the user to play pristine music from their digital devices,” states Henrik Taudorf Lorensen, Vice President B&O PLAY. “We have packaged all of this technology in a compact solution and wrapped it in a beautiful hand-assembled aluminium casing which can be moved around freely with no cables by simply grabbing the leather-strap.”

Beolit 12 is a tribute to Bang & Olufsen’s ever-popular transistor Beolit radios from the 1960’s, and similar to its early predecessors, it presents a compact form, yet a robust sound reproduction. Also, despite its relatively small size, the Beolit 12 offers a best in class portable sound experience. Its 120 Watts digital Class D power amplifier system individually drives two 2” tweeters and a 4” woofer to deliver powerful, accurate sound performance that comfortably fills a middle sized room. The sound system is designed and tuned by the same sound engineers that delivered the award winning BeoLab 5 loudspeakers from Bang & Olufsen.

Attention to detail has always been a Bang & Olufsen signature competency, and this is reiterated under the B&O PLAY brand. Material choice and craftsmanship are no exceptions here: An Italian full-grain leather carrying strap is diagonally mounted for stability when the unit is carried, and the solid aluminium loudspeaker grille wraps smoothly around the unit, making the loudspeaker fabric visible behind the grille to allow for different discrete colour options. The top of the unit, with its volume, power and network controls has a non-slip rubber insert, so you can safely place your mobile device here while charging or playing.

The Beolit 12 represents the company’s move into a new range of products designed specifically for a new generation of mobile, digital, quality-conscious customers. With a recommended consumer price of EUR 699 in Europe and $799 in the USA, the Beolit 12 is the most affordable sound system from Bang & Olufsen in many years, and therefore the company believes its sales volume will surpass the ever-popular BeoSound 8 figures.

Beolit 12 will begin to arrive in Bang & Olufsen showrooms, Bang & Olufsen Online Store and Apple Stores (including Apple Online Store) late January 2012 in the dark grey option. Additional colors will include yellow, blue, and light grey, and those will arrive in showrooms this Spring 2012.

all images and info courtesy of Bang & Olufsen

•Class D digital amplifier with a total of 120 watts.
• 2.1 stereo system with: 2 x 2” tweeter and 1 x 4” woofer
• Dimensions W x H x D: 23 x 15 x 18.8 (cm)
• Weight: 2.8 (kg)
• Colours: Yellow, dark grey, blue, grey

Learn more about it here

Princess Leia Hair Headphone Covers, Headbands, Hats and Wigs.

"Yes, these are the Princess Leia items you've been looking for."

I love that Star Wars continues to inspire unique items and designs 35 years since its initial release. One of the most fun items recently brought to my attention by my friend Brad are these Galactic Princess Headphone Covers styled with faux hair and available in brunette, (blonde and ginger made to order), crafted by Jacquie Coe (aka Jacquie Longlegs).

Each purchase comes with two 6-inch in diameter buns with mesh backing, ready to glue permanently or attach temporarily to your own headphones (instructions come in package).
$24, buy them here

above: Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia Organa in Star Wars, 1977

Other fun items that replicate the cinnamon bun hairdo sported by Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia in the 1977 release of Star wars and available for purchase are headbands, hats, patterns for hats and wigs.

Princess Leia Synthetic Hair Headband:

Made with synthetic hair and plastic, you can purchase the Rubies' headband (initially priced at $81 and now on sale for $11.69) at the link below
Star Wars-Princess Leia Headband

The Deluxe Princess Leia Wig is made of synthetic hair and has a lined interior for comfort.

$16.99, buy it here

There are many talented individuals (and some not so talented) selling knit and crocheted hats emulating the legendary hairdo on etsy. Below are just a few:

Princess Leia Knit Headband by Lily & Keating.

buy it here

Crocheted Princess Leia Bun Hat in super soft non-itchy acrylic, made to order in any size from newborn to adult.

Made by Darcy Thomas, buy/order it here

Children's Princess Leia Headpiece/Hat
For the wee ones there's this cozy fleece version of the Princess Leia hairdo by Maycouture:

The Princess Leia Fleece Headpiece shown above comes in children's sizes S,M,L and XL.
Buy it here

Princess Leia Hat Pattern
For those do-it-yourselfers, you can buy a pattern by Ansley Bleu to knit the princess Leia hat shown below:

Buy it here

Shop Princess Leia Costumes, hats and more here

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.