Product Pick of The week: Hella Jongerius' Porcupine Desk For Kids

Designer Hella Jongerius' Porcupine Desk provides children with a perfect place to play or draw. The small wooden table contrasts appealingly with the plastic chairs and also asserts a distinctive identity with its asymmetrical shape.

The table surface shows a printed motif resembling a charm bracelet, with animal shapes and other symbols attached to a chain link circle. Some of the links in the chain are bored through the tabletop, so that colored markers supplied with the desk can be stored in the holes. Add a little imagination, and the table resembles a porcupine— which is what inspired the name.

Materials: Legs and table top made of solid hornbeam, water-based coloured lacquer, screenprinting, includes a set of high quality felt-tip pens.

Product Colors and Options: brown/light pink, 540 × 570 × 720 mm :

olive green/light blue, 540 × 570 × 720 mm :

Price is $915.00 USD
Manufactured and available through Vitra. Or at All Modern. Or at Unica Home. Or at Velocity.

Hella Jongerius site.


karly said...

I am a very clumsy person and if my children turn out anything like me they will certainly slip and poke their eye out on those markers. I don't want to be a paranoid over protective parent, but I think I'll save my $915.00 ;)

Laura Sweet said...

Well Karly,
Sounds like we'll have to find you and your kids, as well as others inclined to clumsiness, a very hip rubber table!
Laura ;)

industrialpoppy said...

aawww...what do you mean for kids (only?) Seems pretty cool to me...I want one!


My kids would have loved this when they were young!

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.