Exposif: Artist Designed Wallpapers & Wallscapes From Maxalot

Above: Detail from Kozydan's wallpaper for Maxalot

Exposif is a collection of wallpapers, developed by Maxalot in collaboration with leading names in graphic design, photography and illustration. Functioning both as art and decoration, Exposif celebrates the re-emerging importance of wallpaper as a way to customize space. Their designs vary greatly in style and color and are created by such artists as Kozydan, Mari Inukai, Edwin Ushiro, Timorous Beasties, Pixel Nouveau, We Work For Them, Chisato Shinya and tons more. All wallpapers and wallscapes are available for purchase in limited editions.

Below are a few examples of their various wallpapers/wallscapes shown as the art and then in application:

Birgit Amadori:

Edwin Ushiro:


Kustaa Saksi:

MTAF (more Than A Friend):

Julie West:

Destroy Rockcity:

Eno Henze:

Chisato Shinya:

Inocuo Design:

Erotic Dragon:

Joshua Davis:



Timorous Beasties:

Peter Zuiderwijk:

Pixel Nouveau:

Ten & Don:


Andrea Offerman:

Marcos Chin:

Mari Inukai:

Pier Fichefeux:

WWFT (We Work For Them):

Exposif wallpapers are printed on Adhesive Synthetic Paper which is thin, light and flexible with a durable, wet-strength base. It delivers accurate colors and vivid results on its high-quality matte surface. Application is easy: the wallpaper comes in panels measuring 100cm (40 inches) in width, and as long as the client requires. Due the extreme thinness of the paper, there are no visible overlaps, and the final result is a perfectly seamless wallscape.

Prices are calculated at a flat rate of €325.00 ($415.00) plus €29.00 per sqare meter ($3.50 per square foot).

About Maxalot:

Maxalot crosses digital arts with emerging pop surrealism, aiming to reach broad audiences with individuals and studios who break boundaries in art and design.

Since their debut in 2003, Maxalot has set course to become an influential force in the global graphic and design community and now incorporates an online boutique offering unique objets d'art, limited edition giclée prints and graphic wallscapes.

Formerly based in Barcelona, the Maxalots have returned to their motherland, Holland and now curate exhibitions in a series of unconventional venues throughout the city. Maxalot brings together graphic design, iconography, street art and all the hybrids in between to create exhibitions and creative projects related to the art of image-making.

Running things at Maxalot are Max Akkerman and Lotje Sodderland.


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