Viktor and Rolf New Handbags Hit The Market!

Wacky design duo Viktor & Rolf have released their first plenty talked about handbag collection. Reports that they were coming out with a collection of purses and clutches surfaced on blogs last fall, but they are finally available- at least from the ultra hip store, Colette.

The line is comprised of handbags and clutches for day or night that incorporate their signature design motifs into the handbags by either stamping their logo into the leather or it's attached as a pendant. Their 'bow' is woven into the chain. The 'flowerbomb' diamond shape is either the clasp of the clutch or the stud on a city bag.

The handbag designs at Colette are different (better, actually) than the bags introduced last year on such blogs as Luxist and Fabsugar. And, in expected Viktor & Rolf's irreverent style, each handbag has a fun name: Good Evening, Just A Moment, What's Up, and I'm Fine.

So far, I haven't been able to find them anywhere else (not even Viktor and Rolf's online boutique), so if you want to be an early adopter, get them here.

Don't forget to check out Viktor & Rolf's 2008 fall collection here.

And their wild upside down boutique in Milan here.

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Wholesale handbags said...

I bought 2 bags of theirs just yesterday. I think they are excellent designers.
That white bag you have in the last picture I bought in black. With the dangling detachable pendant.
Which is probably the main reason i bought the bag.
I also purchased The Good Evening bag with their logo 'stamped' into the leather

Great post, because they are hard to find and there has been alot of buzz about then and thus many people are looking to find their bags!


C'mon people, it's only a dollar.