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New App For iPhone: Ushow Video Recorder!

With the growing popularity of the Flip Ultra video recorder (which I blogged about as one of my picks for christmas gifts this past year), I wondered when iphone was going to have an easy-to-use video recorder. Well, I can stop wondering.

uShow is a video recording and video sharing application for the iPhone. Still in development, the application did have a closed beta testing quite a ways back, so it should be available soon.

It sounds as though you can share your video creations easily on social networks such as YouTube, Facebook, Myspace, Flickr, Friendster, Metacafe, and Photobucket. In addition, you'll be able to e-mail the video or save it directly to your iPhone.

The site is clearly new and still has many sections 'under construction' and told to 'check back soon', but there is a sign up list for all you iPhone-ophiles to join the beta registration as of this sunday night (4/20).

Click on the images below to enlarge:

Don't forget, sign up here on april 20th!

Note: They obviously have a good sense of humor since their sign up page for the beta registration on 4/20 has Cheech and Chong on it. If you don't get the correlation between 4/20 and Cheech and Chong, that's your loss.

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