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Acrylic Headboards & More From Swedish Designer Myrica Berggvist

Above: furniture and product designer Myrica Berggvist with some of her creations

Myrica grew up in a home filled with furniture by Scandinavian designers such as Carl Malmsten, Alvar Aalto and Josef Frank and that, together with her five years in Rome’s classical, conservative architecture and Italy’s decadent dolce vita, has a strong influence on her designs.

Sheerhome has bought together a new and innovative collection of acrylic headboards by Swedish designer Myrica Berggvist:

Above the led illuminated Sir Elton headboard is available from Sheerhome or from Huset

In addition to headboards Myrica makes napkin rings, lamps and bowls with the same acrylic laser cutting:

Visit Myrica Berggvist's own site: Myrica Design

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