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With A $2,800. Price Tag, This Car Wax Ought To Rub Itself On.

The world's most exclusive car wax, specially blended for a particular vehicle and particular paint finishes.

Each year, Swissvax blends, for a very limited number of collectors and enthusiasts, a glaze of most exceptional quality containing over 60% by volume of ultra pure Brazilian white carnauba wax.

It is made to order and is specially formulated to meet the paint system of one particular vehicle. Each individual formula comes in its own exclusively hand-crafted packaging, together with a solid Sterling Silver plate bearing the vehicle's details and/ or owner's name. Apply after pre-treating with Cleaner Fluid.

Swissvax is also known as Swizol and Swissol, depending upon the country. Divine is their top of the line product, but they carry many fine waxes that are more affordable for the common folk.

Below is a demonstration of Swissvax Divine on a Lamborghini Murcielago.

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