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"Jim, I'm a Blogger, Not A Trekkie"

Or: "He's Dead, Jim."
(If you don't know that reference or the one in the title, you'd better skip this post)

I've noticed that this fun compilation of one of Doctor McCoy (aka Bones) most famous catch phrases from the original Star Trek TV series,"He's Dead, Jim" is making the internet rounds. This, of course, led me to look for a compilation of his other most famous catchphrase... "Jim, I'm a Doctor, not a (insert profession or object here)".

Lest you think I made an error...the quote is NOT "Damn it Jim, I'm a doctor not a..." as has often been misquoted, because Bones never swore on the actual show.

Given that I'm a blogger, it's clear I'm not hiding my ubergoober-ness from anyone anymore. So, I guess it's safe for me to come out of the campy sci-fi closet. By now you've figured out that I'm a star trek fan. NO, not a trekkie or trekker, (however, admittedly I did attend one star trek convention years ago ...but only as the date of a journalist for E!) just a fan of the original series.

Below is a video montage of scenes from the original gene roddenberry star trek series (which, by the way...only ran for three years) in which the ship's doctor, Bones, makes his daily declaration to Captain Kirk about the demise of either a unknown ensign crew member or alien.

And, for the rest of those fans, fanatics, trekkers, trekkies, I happily found a compilation of his other most often uttered phrase, but it dosn't include all of them- it's kind of a mini version. But it does include my personal favorite from the episode guest starring Julie Newmar in which he claims' I'm a Doctor, Not An Escalator":


Wikipedia info for you:
Leonard H. McCoy
(nicknamed "Bones"), played by DeForest Kelley, is the Doctor character in the original Star Trek series, and the first six Star Trek films. The character does not appear in the two pilots for the series, "The Cage" and "Where No Man Has Gone Before"; the ship's doctors in those episodes are Philip Boyce (John Hoyt) and Mark Piper (Paul Fix), respectively.

If anyone find a more complete compilation of the "I'm A Doctor, Not A..." phrases, let me know...

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