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Buddha Bounty: All Things Buddha

Buddha Bounty: All Things Buddha

More and more people seem to call themselves 'spiritual' in lieu of 'religious' these days. Although the above items are not for serious buddhists, who will scoff at the crass commercialism of their deity, they may appeal to those who like the look and symbolism of Buddha, be it siddhartha, Tibetan, or other. I've found 30 contemporary (and some super luxe) Buddha and Buddha-inspired items available for purchase.

My personal favorite? The 56 faceted real, earth-mine, completely hand cut and polished diamond in the shape of a Buddha from The Buddha Diamond Company. Now, that's what I call a religious experience.

Whether you are a real Buddhist or merely one of the spiritual folk who prefers to believes in karma than organized religion, here are a bunch of Buddha items to either rub, light, live with, eat, smoke from or display.
Just click on the pic above for more info and to purchase.

Also worth a mention:
Buddh-its, buddha shaped sticky notes

Buy them here.

Lucky Beer, the asian-style lager brewed in Australia in the buddha-shaped bottle:

Learn more about it here.

Giant 25' inflatable Buddha:

Buy it here.

Keep up with my list of Buddha Shaped and Buddha Inspired items here as I continually add to it.

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