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Secret Circus Clothing: They're Not Clowning Around

There's a new clothing company whose style is evident in both their website design as well as their products. A little regal, a little rock n' roll, a lot of sparkle, leather and cashmere and you have Secret Circus Clothing. With a youthful, wealthy, hip look and feel, it's bound to be a favorite amongst celebs.

In a goth meets rococco meets royal kind of style, Secret Circus makes tops, denim, leather and accessories for both men and women who like to be noticed. Their clothes are not for the meek or timid, but instead for those who wear them as a badge of honor- or style.

From cashmere hoodies embellished with imagery and text like "beauty kills" (my personal favorite, shown above) to leather jackets studded with Swarovski crystals and ornate text, Secret Circus Clothing is not what you'd call affordable, but certainly what you'd call original and artful.

Some examples of their cashmere tops and hoodies:

Leather jackets and vests embellished with crystals and text:

Denim: Back pockets display the SC logo in gold, black or blue:

The website is a feast for the eyes as well.

Designed by Strange, it has the same look and feel as the clothes and is both easy to navigate and fun to look at.

So, even if you're not in the market for a cashmere hoodie or swarovski studded leather jacket, you may want to check out the site just the same.

If the name of this company sounds familiar, they received a lot of attention when, to launch the company, they auctioned off a pair of diamond emblazoned jeans at this past January's London Fashion Week to an unnamed buyer.

The jeans featured five large diamonds (and ten smaller ones) on the back pocket along with the SC logo.
Two 6.0 carat brilliant cuts
A 4.63 carat marquise cut
A 5.36 carat pear shaped
A 5.09 carat princess cut
and 10 smaller diamonds.
Value? $1.3 million USD, making them the world's most expensive pair of jeans.

UPDATE: Since this post, Secret Circus has changed their site and their look and style. The clothes shown in this post are no longer in their inventory, but you can see what they have here

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