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Post Apocolyptic Couture: Designer Gas Masks By Diddo

above: High Fashion Protection as interpreted by Diddo Velema.

Contrary to what other blogs and sites are saying, these were not made for Gucci, LV, etc, but instead as art pieces.

As described by the artist:
We are in a state of perpetual war – with ourselves and with the eco-system that sustains us. Perpetual war breeds perpetual fear. In the present context, this fear stems from our extreme desire for authenticity and manifests itself in our collectively insatiable culture of consumption.

Deep down, we are afraid we may never be satisfied. An expanding archive of branded myths and icons feeds this fear. Designer Gas Masks is an attempt to visualize this state of mind. Because it is only by first acknowledging and then challenging fear that we will all be able to breathe a little easier.

The masks are currently made for gallery purposes only.

Louis Vuitton Gas Mask:

Gucci Gas Mask:

Swarovski Crystal Gas Mask:

See the artist's site here.

Although slightly changed from their first showing, Diddo now sells art prints on high gloss Fuji Pro DP2 Pearl paper that measure 30”x30” (76x76 cm) of each of his fabulous haute couture masks:

Buy the art prints here.

I'm a big fan of Diddo's work. be sure to his drool-worthy wetsuits here.

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