USHOW update!!!!

Hi readers,
I know all you iphonophiles were very excited about ushow, the video recorder app for the iphone. And you may have scrambled to sign up for their beta registration last sunday only to find that they weren't quite ready for you.

Well, I've heard it from the horse's mouth, the poor guy (Joe Shapiro) who's been working overtime to get it to you, that they are in fact taking registration now. But beware, you must have your iphone serial number to sign up:

So, yes, you can sign up now here.

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James said...


THE "OWNER" of this site is named Joe Shapiro. He has stolen the ideas, code and time of 7 other developers and has managed to release a youtube/twitter/facebook clone.

He is in the process of being sued. Just today, he had facebook disable an account of the guy who spent over 100 hours working on The logo, the video commenting, and pretty much everything else you see on was HIS WORK!!!

Do not give Joe Shapiro any information. he is shady, and is costing Amir Meshkin a lot of time and money. His facebook apps are now disabled, and Joe Shapiro has been bragging and laughing about how he has ruined my friend's life!!!!

Thisi s not a joke> The owner of joe shapiro is the shadiest person I have ever come accross.

You have been warned!

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.