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ArtBox Project: Lamps by over 20 artists & 200 designs to choose from

Above: Pug by Machiko Stehrenbrger

NOTE* it seems that since this post was written the artbox project has closed down. The site does not seem to exist any longer (as pointed out by a reader), however, if you 'search' artbox lamps, you will find that some of them are now carried at specific art galleries or are available on ebay.

The ArtBox project is a fun and functional way to have one of several designer, illustrator, or artist's piece of work as a light or a sensor activated nite lite. The ArtBox lamps can be wall mounted or freestanding.

Above: One of the Karim Rashid options available

What is it?
An ArtBox Lamp is based on the principle of a simple light box as used by photographers to view slides or negatives. When looking at the back lit artwork, the viewer is actually seeing an oversized slide. The simplicity of two 8 by 8 inches Plexiglas panels, connected by nylon bolts allows us to concentrate on and to emphasize the artist’s creation.

It is the individuality of the art, which makes each piece unique. An empty canvas becomes an art piece. For every ArtBox product sold, the artist receives a royalty payment, so by ordering an ArtBox product, you are essentially supporting the Arts. The ArtBox Project line is continually evolving as they add to their stable of artists and designers.

Below are 12 different options by various artists which include every style from photography and graphic design to modern art and illustration. They have several on the site that are far too cutesy for me, but would be suitable for little children or nurseries.

As you can see, the light looks fun as a table lamp:

and can be wall mounted as well:

technical details:

8” by 8” square, 3 inches deep, with plug and switch.
A gift box and a 15 watt light bulb is included.
$45 USD each


Size: 4"x 4".
Complete with lightbulb. No switch, but a lightsensor which switches the light on automatically at night.. Plug rotates to accomodate sideways mounted outlets (many kitchens have them). Packaged in a gift box.

$20. USD each

Below is the list of contributing designers whose images are available on your artbox light or nite lite. Please note the following links to the artists' pages no longer work.


In addition to the ArtBox light and nite lite, the site carries some other artist-made items as well. A collection (shown below) of San Francisco designer Pablo Pardo's products is available on the site:

Felt Art Clocks
designed by Andrzej Bialuski:

Click here to see more available art clock designs by Andrzej Bialuski

and Karim Rashid:

Packaged in a semitransparent gift box.
Powered by AA battery.
Electronic quartz movement.
Includes wall hanger. Size: 9.75 x 9.75 inches
$47.00 USD (many more designs to choose from)

YAYO table lamp (several design options):

maximum 60 watts lightbulb
height 20 inches (51 cm)
width 5.5 inches (14 cm)
each lamp is $39.00.
design: Andrzej Bialuski.

Interested in joining the project?
Are you an artist who'd like to see your work on these items?
Then please contact Andrzej Bialuski by phone or e-mail.
TEL 718 482 8710
FAX 718 482 8739

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