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iShoes: Motorized Roller Skates

What They Are:

What They Can Do:
* Top speed of 13.5mph
* A123 Lithium-ion battery pack
* Recharge in 2 hours
* Colson Sure Grip wheels
* 11.8lbs for the pair

What They Cost:
* Price : $599

Who Designed Them:
The inventor of the iShoes, Ilya Kaganovich is from Plymouth, Minnesota. On a trip to New York, he thought of a new way to get around town: motorized shoes. With the help of his brother, Boris Kaganovich, an aerospace engineering student, they developed prototypes to test the concept. As iShoes moved forward, they are committed to excellent quality. Excellent quality is achieved by creating the best designs, using the best technologies and executing with the best craftsmanship.

I deleted the video of the ishoes here because it was causing javascript errors in my browser. To see it, please go here.

Where you buy them:

For questions or comments, please contact :

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 41833
Minneapolis, MN 55441
Phone: 612.867.5573

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