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Four Fabulously Fun Finds For The Home

The Archangle Floor lamp in Bilbao pattern ( traditional gothic stained window) or Rio (colorful modern abstract pattern). Screenprinted polyester fits over a standing floor lamp with a white matte metal base. From Sipure Design.

The Inside Outside Cabinet. A wall mounted composite medicine cabinet from Authentics. In bright yellow, it has line art of bottles and items you find in a bathroom or medicine cabinet, only printed on the outside. Available here.

Salt and Pepper in One by Munire Kirmaci, 2006
Sharing the same housing this holds both your salt and your pepper in one simple modern object. Tilt one end to dispense salt and the other for pepper. Made of stainless steel and rubber plugs.

Available in the male for or female form, these classical busts called ART relic's are coated in a chalkboard finish so you can graffiti them as you like! Made by Seletti, they come in a limited number and arrive in a crate, just like a real relic. I LOVE them!
Buy the Art relic busts here.

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