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How Many Candy Hearts Does It Take
To Fill The Love Tub?

Guess correctly and you could win this $20,000.00 spa from Dimension One.
(I just had to follow up a post about a wedding chapel with one about a cheesy romantic hot tub)

Feeling Lucky Lover?
Win yourself a Luv Tub by guessing how many candy hearts it takes to fill it.

The Love Tub is a limited-edition, candy apple-red, $20,000, state-of-the-art Amoré Bay hot tub from Dimension One Spas.

The Southern California-based hot tub company is manufacturing only 100 of these "Walker Signature Series" Amoré Bay spas, created by the company's award-winning designer, Vic Walker.

Contestants can enter online between now and February 29, 2008, at to try and win the sexy, candy apple-red backyard retreat.

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C'mon people, it's only a dollar.