How Many Candy Hearts Does It Take
To Fill The Love Tub?

Guess correctly and you could win this $20,000.00 spa from Dimension One.
(I just had to follow up a post about a wedding chapel with one about a cheesy romantic hot tub)

Feeling Lucky Lover?
Win yourself a Luv Tub by guessing how many candy hearts it takes to fill it.

The Love Tub is a limited-edition, candy apple-red, $20,000, state-of-the-art Amoré Bay hot tub from Dimension One Spas.

The Southern California-based hot tub company is manufacturing only 100 of these "Walker Signature Series" Amoré Bay spas, created by the company's award-winning designer, Vic Walker.

Contestants can enter online between now and February 29, 2008, at to try and win the sexy, candy apple-red backyard retreat.


Brim said...

Didn't find where I can eneter online at ;)
Can you post a link?

Laura Sweet said...

Are you sure you clicked on That is the link.

I just tried it and it's right there! Plain as day. It says 'Click here to enter our sweepstakes' (both at the top and on the lower left hand corner. An entry form pops right up. Make sure your pop-ups are enabled....

Brim said...

Ok. I see now. It's for USA and Canada only. :) With IP from other country there is no even this picture. :)

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.