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The Virtual Shoe Museum Kicks Butt

Above: "High" by Bart Hess

Shoes have long been the subject of fetishes, books, art and tradition. From henna tattooed feet to bound feet to shoe designers like Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo, footwear is of interest to both shopaholics and penny pinchers. Whether you have a closet full of $500 shoes or just one pair of Birkenstocks, shoes are worn by just about everyone.

That's what makes Liza Snook's Virtual Shoe Museum such a delight to peruse. Initiated in 2004, she began a long search began for designers, photographers and publishers connected to shoes. Soon, her mailbox was filled with loads of material on fantastic shoes, art and design on shoes.

Then, with the help of Taco Zwaanswijk of Interactive Affairs, who designed the site, and Bart van der Ploeg of Resolume, who programmed the database and created the content management system, they've created a site you should check out.

Searchable by everything from the designer's name to the focus, use or style, the site is filled with imaginative and beautiful designs. Even sculpture. Be sure to look at the 'extreme' section.

Below are a few of my favorites:

Above: Landscapes shoes 2 by Jared Steffensen

Above: Leg by Judith Wiersema size: 110 cm (height)
The original is made out of wood. Leg is limited to seven (7/7) exclusive reproduction/copies. All seven reproductions are made in aluminium or bronze: white, black, gold.

Above: Off the hooks. 2004 by Alexander Fielden (photo by christian fielden) Material: latex, leather, aluminium and steel.

Above: Michael Brown's Dildo Shoe

In the artist's words
"This Dildo shoe is a womens shoe, based on a ballet last, hand made. The inspiration for the shoe, is the sex industry, and sex toys. As you can see, from the heel, it is based on of course a dildo, or anal toy. It was inspired also from the late 2007 trend of 'fetish'.

The straps upon the forefoot, are made from black patent leather, and egg shell finish cream. to create a stunning contrast. The spikes are in two lengths, and can be interchanged, with just screwing them off and changing them.
The selfmade heel is in high quality resin. So if need be... the heel can be used..."

Above: Eelko Moorer's D.I.Y. Overshoe Comes with frame, instruction sheet and a sticker sheet.

Many more to see! Visit the Virutal Shoe Museum by clicking here.

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